Sunday, 31 January 2016

Getting Married in New Zealand. It is not expensive.

Dear Working Holiday-ers,

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It has nothing more romantic than having a wonderful working holiday with your partner. Spouses, husband wife boyfriend girlfriend or whoever you love. What about getting a marriage licence in New Zealand, it can be proved that “you-are-valid” in NZ then. Hahahaha. (Funny)

Thus, we are now talking about internal affairs.

How to get married in New Zealand and why you do that?

  1. It is easy, just go to the internal affairs/Court house to register first. You and your partner.
  2. Giving all your details including your Malaysia's addresses, passport details, parents.
  3. Will you want to change the surname once you get married? Ie, it is familiar to westerners who culture will change their surname (follow husband surname) once married. But not for the Chinese sometimes.
  4. It just costs around NZD 165 (Hawkes Bay:Hasting court in year 2014). Now I don't know whether they have increased the cost or not?
  5. Pick a wedding date, location (church or in the court room) and 2 witnesses on that wedding date to sign for you. You may also pick your ring bearer.

  • You do no need to do any medical check for your wedding to get a married licence.

New Zealand marriage. NZ Govt.

Getting married in New Zealand is just that fun. Not a commitment. But a wonderful responsibility and memorable commitment.

Who can get married?

Other than a married of a couple. Do you know same-sex marriage is legal in New Zealand?

Yes, It is. It is more freedom-able to do this in New Zealand.  

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Wednesday, 27 January 2016

NZ Must Do! Tongariro ! Sap-Sap Sui....

If there's a person to tell the story about Tongariro experience, it could be last for 2,3 hours non-stop.
Too many things to tell you! How expressive it is! What I saw? I fell down! I took a night there.... bla bla... bla....  (most Ex-whver knows)

Everyone must put their first priority to cross Tongariro as this is the most "sweet-as" a day Alpine-crossing than other Trekking tracks. If you just do a quick search on Wiki's ad google, it tells you a simple information of the destination, climate, history (Maori story), how long it takes to do the track, bio-geological information.

With my previous experience, I did this during April (cheapest season). We booked through a hostel/backpacker, include 2 nights stay, a bus that pick us from hostel and drop us at Point A (starting), and wait us at Point B (finish at the forest). If you have no clue about how does a Volcano's-look-alike ? (You did not study well in geography during school) This is a great experience that recall what you have studied on book.

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In my opinion, it has approximately 20km with up and down, rocky, sandy, misty, foggy and it is cooling during winter, chilling and slippery. It takes 8-9 hours with a slow-slow and non-stop walk and hike from the start to the end. We started at 8.30am and ended exhausted at 4.30pm (we went half way to the summit track in the middle around 1pm)

We got no point to stop half-way for our meal. We just grabbed our toast running (in the forest) while chewing pieces of it, rushed to the very end point as everyone already waited there. We were the last and it is quite embarrassed.

Blue Lake - Alpine lake.. (After this stage, take a Steep hike, then the walking becomes smoother) 11km more after here.

Sandwich. (Food/lunch packed ourself)

Important: Take note! Beware on any notice! Some advises and notices come out as ad-hoc or last minute. (You might got a shock or receive a call from your booked hostel and tell you bad news about the track is closed due to weather condition). It is really upsetting but not to risk any human life.

Expectation: it is a stunning long long way.

The Crossing Backpacker. Well, we do not have any bad experience through this host, and we had a good one overall except the lady reception service was not that good at that time. However, some of my friends complaint about their service attitude and the last-minute inform on the cancellation trip.

Some of others stayers from Germany and Holland also dislike the service attitude during that time Apr 2014. Eg. They asked about the weather condition for tomorrow tracking purpose, but the lady there replied badly to them :"you should check the weather yourself, not me.!" < that is bad>

It is not always that good, still remember news that a Malay Lady seek help from Helicopter rescue.?


Enter New Zealand “NOTHING TO DECLARE”, you might be in real Trouble.

Every country has certain rules and regulation to protect their own. The most serious penalty is death punishment for trafficking drugs. Bringing in meat, plants and any product from the wild might cause a huge impact by bringing down the whole NZ's economy. The person who carry those is risking of increase in unemployment rate (the agri and horti industries are ruined)

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  • You have to be very clear and understand what is in your own luggage/bags/hoodie (those things that go into the scanner), and they expect you pack your own bag, you have no reason you “don't know”. You will be responsible on everything you carry.

  • Read your declaration card carefully ! That card is a lawful document! There is a statement of “if you are unsure please tick yes”. Usually and especially when we travel for a long-term stay there, we bring lots of food to ensure us not to starve such as; curry powder, soup powder, Bak-Kut-Teh packet, Chicken rice packet, instant Milo packet, instant noodle. It is legal to bring in if it is commercially packed produced or vacuum sealed, however you MUST declare. If not, you will get a fine (might be calculated by the amount of undeclared items)

If you do not understand a single word on it (English), full search is required.

Don't ask if a pet cockroach get into your luggage unintentionally.

Something alive definitely NOT ALLOWED!

Below is a link that shows full Q&A of detailed and useful information for travellers who consider bringing in anything crossing the border line. It is also including Information about exporting and importing of goods/items. Probably something similar to MITI service in Malaysia, about of HS Codes or full range listed goods.

Drugs (No No) ….

If there are sniffer dogs sniffing around you, do not attempt to be overwhelmed

“Oh, you are so cute!” “Sit Sit! Hand” , You will be ended with a HUGE Trouble!

Once the dog walking around and sniffing, they will sit and bark if they found something “strange” on you or your luggages/ bags.

So? will you still try to pat a drug dog in the custom's border? Unless, you got lots of time to waste for?

Just ignore them, they are doing their job. Poor them, everyday sniff drugs ….

Dogs – smell meat, food, drugs ….

Medicine ! Must Declare !

Video that I found today is something really interesting about to tell of the “Tiger Balm” (chinese traditional ointment) that it is actually illegal to bring in. As same to “Pei Par Kou” (contains honey thou)

There are 2 Saudis brought POP-POP into NZ boarded on plane (Officers' sleeping? )!

Border patrol is one of my favourite tv shows, I watch the shows of NZ, Australia, Canada and British.... Thailand also has this kind of Tv Show. It is educational yet entertaining. (Passengers are funny)

It is just a show to SHOW/PROOF to the tax-payer! Government sector actually hard-working on their job! ok... There is where your taxes go into …

Monday, 25 January 2016

New Zealand: The Longest Place Name in the World

"Taumata whakatangi hangakoauau o tamatea turi pukakapiki maunga horo nuku pokai whenua kitanatahu"

Means , the place where Tamatea, the man with the big knees, who slid, climbed and swallowed mountains, known as 'landeater’, played his flute to his loved one. (100% pure New Zealand)

It is located near Porangahau in Hawkes Bay. If you hang-by along Napier and Hasting or having an apple-jobs around there. You maybe can take a chance drive-thru that area "purposely" to get a photo shoot or mark a foot step on New Zealand's map. 

However, there are also researches that proof this is not the longest name, and it supposed to be "Bangkok" who crown the longest place name. 

It is funny if you just read the whole phrase out, but it is lovely when you hear people sing it out as a rhyme of song. Please click below to listen. 

Sunday, 24 January 2016

New Zealand Working Holiday (NZWH) is one of the pathway to improve and learn English? Seriously?!

It cannot be judged if you fork out money to learn English language and take lessons from any ideal language schools or institution in New Zealand who conduct neutral English . Or you choose to leave your native (Chinese/Asian) friends and started to social with English speaking group of people which helps you make sense to improve your English conversation.

Are you seriously want to learn English in New Zealand by trying to talk and speak more with the kiwis or New Zealanders? Are you serious?

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Apparently there are many Chinese Malaysians who applied to NZWH-ers dialect in Chinese but not much in English. Understand that most of the useful articles and journals are all in Chinese Language and perhaps it becomes an inspiration who those mastered in Chinese Language are “wanting” to learn English as an enhancement, NZWH hence a tiny-pavement for them.

In my opinion, many had read about blogs and readings through Taiwanese posts that most of their motive and purpose to go New Zealand is to learn English. And many Chinese Malaysians “ follow” their trend.


Malaysia punye English got that BAD meh?

Most of us are educated since very young age until finished school and even though our job interviews mostly conducted in English. What for still learning it?

Hello !~

Taiwanese who 80s, 90s- born usually had their lesson when they were in secondary or high school (estimate 13 years-old) during their normal schooling time (if they don't take extra English tuition).

Malaysians learn English SINCE kindergarten. (Learn A B C D song.. in age of 5 leh)

Although our English might not that good, but I believe most of us can have simple conversation and basic understanding if we really need to speak it out.

Do you really want to go New Zealand and to learn English?

Do you know How they speak their native language?

Can you handle their slang and pronunciation?

These are few Examples where most of people who lived in New Zealand before / living there might or not , they counter....

When people say “Thank you” to you... What do you reply?

What had your English teacher taught you if people say 

“Thanks / Thank you /Thank you very much” ?

In normal way as what we learnt : “ You're welcome” - - That's the most correct ever answer than we ever thought. Right?

In New Zealand (or in Australia) , it is “No Worries”. (this is probably not from the English lesson)-

-What kind of problems that I need to be worried by accepting your “Thank you” ???
( got no clue on this)

If the greeting usually in “How are you?” (normally hear them greet in supermarket) but , the native is: “ You alright?”-

-My face look sick and not alright?

In this case, when I first experienced, I always say “doing good” or “alright / good” 

I got a shock I thought that there is a serious problem when they ask me whether am I alright. (Hilarious)

Other than people who call you (if they don't know your name) : “ Oy / Oi” (Malaysian do this as well but this is not a good manner). When they have hesitation of similar to situation of “Pardon me?” It is : “ Aye ? / Ei?” …. that means something like “ Hah?! I cannot hear you, speak again!”

So what we say “ hah?” Kiwi says “Aye?” (with doubt)

Your home-stay or bbh host might approach you in the kitchen and say “ Hi, Are you cooking tea?”


Me: “No, this is my dinner”

“Tea” means “Dinner” OK....

About the pronunciation, where we mostly encounter... It depends on the location but this slang normally comes from South Island.

Ten : we say it as “tan with the -a- sound”, but the kiwi pronounce it as “tin / teen”

same as Seven is “sivin /seeven” , egg is “igg / eeg”

but No.8 “Eight” is “EYEght”

knackered – you heard it as NAKED (That's why Naked bus), this word I think it comes from England, but I don't know why just can't just say “tired”.

In New Zealand – you will hear people keep saying “cool” instead of Everything. Like : “That's cool” which means good (maybe).

People say “smoko” for break time, go to the “chemist” instead of Pharmacy... And many many more. Or “Heaps” of them.....

Those languages probably are mixed from different people with speaking native English such as England (especially Scotland and Ireland's English will kill people) , Europe, and Indian (pattern) as well.

The very nicest thing in New Zealand is, when they speak to tourist or migrants , they will make it sounds clear and simple and understandable. (Still need compliment)

-Well, for me, If I don't understand, I will just say I don't understand-Or just ignore..

What's the point you speak something that you expect people don't get the meaning of it??

Because when I speak English to foreigners , I'll try to avoid “Mah”, “Lah” , “Meh”.... 
If not, do you think they understand Manglish?

- But some of them who see you are Asian will purposely jumble their words and make you clueless and the whole English phrase will sound like French, Spanish and Italian (mix). I did not hope to see that especially when I was on the bus ride and especially the driver speak through the microphone, all I heard was annoying sound came out from nose.

So, you still sure you want to learn English in New Zealand?

You also have to make sure people won't laugh at you if you speak in this way.

If you were to spend time or your objective is to learn New Zealand English, you might consider to learn many different kind of English as well. British English, American English, or Indian English.

Here are some words you find in NZ:

Picture source from:

fizzy:soda pop
smoko:break, rest period
tea:dinner - generic name for evening meal
tea towel:dish rag
tasty cheese:sharp cheddar cheese
togs:swimsuit, bathing suit
zed:Z; zee; the last letter of the alphabet.
knackered:stuffed; fagged out
Sweet asMeans ‘no problem’
Reckon Think
HeapsMeans ‘a lot’ or ‘very’.
Yeah nah broThis basically means “Umm”
Aye (Eh)-Hesitation
chemist: pharmacy, drugstore
No Worries:It's OK / Not a Problem
You alright? :how are you?
Mate:Friend - "Thanks Mate" (This usually seen in Australia)
Hot Chips:French Fries


Source from: google

Saturday, 23 January 2016

Cooking is Fun in NZ: Blueberries Mini meat patties 蓝莓酸甜咕鲁肉

Kia Ora Dear readers,

Summer a wonderful season in New Zealand, well I still recall bees everywhere and when I was so allergically affected to pollen in this season. But one thing comes to my mind “snap” blueberries season.

It was after a go-round south island tour and then we straight head on the North to pick blueberries somewhere near Hamilton and Cambridge. It was not fun at all about the wages but we were happy with our working life. Pick blueberries starting in end of December till April (estimation)

What would you do ?? with blueberries in case your boss gave them to you for free or you bought it so super-cheap, like a whole 1kg bag just for $2 dollars. It might not be the best grade, but we still can put them into our stomach.

Making Blueberry cheese cake, blueberry ice-cream or agar-agar it could be really lame. Because it all dessert.

Lets make something really fusion.. I mean it is “very fusion” or “exotic” or “bizarre”

Meet the meat with Blueberries.. Well it is something we call Ku Lou Yuk 酸甜咕鲁肉
it will be a 蓝莓酸甜咕鲁肉


  1. Mince meat (your choice of quantity, suggest just chicken will be good)
  2. Blueberries (300-500 grams)
  3. salt, pepper, flour, little-bit of soy-sauce (tiny little tea-spoon)
  4. sugar and water (50grams to 100 grams, and it depends the ripeness of blueberries)
Image result for blueberries                 


  1. Add in salt, pepper, flour, soy sauce into the mince meat, mix it well until you feel the stickiness and make them into patty shapes, round shapes, balled shapes – any shapes you like.
  2. Chop blueberries- ready to use.
  3. Heat an oiled pan, put in the meat and let them pan fry become golden brown. Take it out and let them dry out from oil. (Backpackers have no budget to buy kitchen tissue)
  4. Heat a pan (you can use the oiled pan before but make sure you wash it first), add in sugar, water, blueberries and let all of them boil-melt together and caramelized. Keep it boiling in low heat
  5. Put all the fried meat into the boiling blueberry-pool, slightly mix them, and turn it off.

Plate it on and garnish some chopped blueberries and mint on top.


My suggestion > Eat it with rocket salad and shredded par-meson cheese (I love rocket salad)

Image result for rocket salad

If you are lazy enough, just buy a pack of sausage, nuggets or ready-to-cook meat ball.

Friday, 22 January 2016

Sarcastic : Best Tips on New Zealand Working Holiday Application for Malaysian, Congrats 2016!

Dear lovely applicants,

First of all, congratulation to all of your success. Approved or not, you made it. 20 January 2016

However, point of view from the time consumed from clicking into the web site, typing your names and etc.,selecting the answer, and finally submit with payment, it took approximately of 6 hours. From 5am to 11am (Malaysia Time), and most of the time candidates were refreshing their pages, struggling with frustration and averagely took 5 to 6 hours to complete an online form. (Seriously?!)

Now, here are what I discovered that caused a lagged and stunned page of New Zealand Immigration website.

What had you genius-ly done with such consequences?

  • Many people viewing the same website, same page, same time.

Just like Air Asia first had their promotion of free seats that it put everyone waiting on queue to book their tickets. Many started to complaint that the page was very slow, can't even click into it, no more promotion seats, it cheats people.Well, secondly, we have no idea how many working holiday vacancies are actually occupied to individual candidates, who are there? Are they real? Really 1150 space for all? Or person that hired by “someone” to do the application thou? Web page problem without improvement?

It could be a long-way-process research to look into for. Still, there is no organisation to help fixing this, but MANY started encourage each other to FIGHT and who cares that there are existing problems?

For the very future working holiday applicants in this year (remaining pop-up spaces) or 2017, below is the tips and methods and step to apply New Zealand working holiday visa:

- Make sure you wake up early. (better don't sleep for the whole night)-

  • Update and upgrading their Networking system, change portal and etc. (Google optic world map and see which country has the best internet system ever)
  • How to overcome it and using other country's location. (The whole world's location discovered)
  • Ask New Zealand friends to help apply (because it is faster)
  • Ask their Mother, Father, Brother Sisters and family-in-law in New Zealand and other country to help apply (Family Team work)
  • One people open-many-same-browser/page-refresh-refresh-refresh-redirect-redirect (and then hanged)
  • Many-Many people different computers open and login to same page and focus apply for the same ONE ID (What the F***).
  • Use mobile and laptop and desktop computer and office server computer and many other gadgets at the same time (very multi-tasking useful 3c item)

There might be very useful tips that I might come to in future, and oops, I merely forget that there is qualification needed as requirements to apply NZWH programme.

  • Must have a basic understanding/knowledge on how to make your internet faster or how supportive is your server which equivalent to O level.
  • Preferable with qualification certificate relates to IT/Computer Science/Network System
  • Relevant working experiences such as IT professions, any Intelligent Agencies, CIA will be a great advantage.
  • However, if you have a great social network background and have many family members and friends and relatives will be a competitive advantage. (Who can able to assist)

“You can just be a hacker to hack into it to apply” - fastest and more furious.

All of the answerable questions which are important in the progress - - are-to-be omitted if you made mistakes.

Mistakes such as:

“Aiya, I wrongly key in my Date of Birth, what should I do?”

“It supposed to be Yes, But I click No- I need to email/call the officer, call no answer?”

“Anyone put Yes or No?”

“My page hanged in the middle, should I just proceed? Will the officer block me?”

I am speechless with all these that happened in nowadays, healthy or not, good or bad influences, it is not me to judge. But I am foreseeing a really bad phenomenon in future. Anyway good luck who those got this opportunity and I do hope it will not affect the future applicants.